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The mission of the psychology program is to provide transformative learning experiences that prepare undergraduate students to excel in the field of psychology. By providing high-quality academics through innovative teaching, action-oriented research opportunities, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, and individualized internship training, students will gain the skills, values, and professional competencies necessary to obtain and excel in careers within a multicultural global setting.

The vision of the psychology program is to expand its interdisciplinary study of education, neuroscience, social and racial justice, public health, and study abroad initiatives to meet the mental and emotional health demands and social and human needs of a global society.

The psychology program provides specialized training for students planning professional careers in psychology, mental health, and child & adult protective services. The program includes a broad interdisciplinary foundation. Students are required to complete a minor as a means of enhancing their knowledge in the various subfields of psychology. This also provides a strong background for students who are planning careers in research, business, education, law, and medicine, as well as multiple professional careers in other psychology related fields. 

Students considering graduate studies in psychology should plan their major with the guidance of their assigned academic advisor so that required minor and elective courses may be tailored to their specific career and educational goals. Students majoring in disciplines other than psychology and find psychology courses relevant to their educational goals are welcome to register for those classes after they have completed the prerequisite courses (i.e., PSY230 General Psychology). Programs of Study 1. Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology (120 Credits) 2. Minor in Psychology (15 Credits). 

The program in psychology aims to help students gain a better understanding of human behavior as well as enhance their abilities to question and think critically, to become independent investigators, and to impart a philosophy of appreciation for a developing and maturing science based on well-grounded experimental evidence. Opportunities are provided for students to learn essential methods, concepts, principles, and theories of psychology. Students learn techniques which can be used to improve self-esteem, motivation, and sensitivity. Psychology majors study the nature, causes and treatment of psychological disorders. Majors also study human emotions, sexuality, and psychological development.

Students majoring in psychology at Benedict College are prepared for positions in community mental health agencies, hospitals, and research centers. Graduates are strongly encouraged to continue their study on the graduate level and beyond.

The Bachelor of Arts in Psychology requires 120 credit hours. The curriculum consists of a mixture of courses in the major, general education core, a required minor, and additional free electives. A major in psychology requires 40 credit hours of core courses in psychology and includes research-based courses such as research methods (SS235; SS236), statistics (SS230), Lab in Psychology (PSY 335), senior research project I (PSY439A) and senior research project II (PSY439C). Support courses in writing and presenting and critical thinking are also required. 

The following psychology and departmental courses must be successfully completed with a grade of “C” or higher to obtain the degree in Psychology: 

  • PSY 230 General Psychology 
  • PSY 222 African American Psychologists
  • PSY 213 Careers in Psychology *
  • SS 235 Quantitative Research Methods
  • SS 236 Qualitative Research Methods
  • PSY 331 Social Psychology *
  • SSCJ 230 Social Science Statistics
  • PSY 335 Lab in Psychology
  • PSY 336 Theories of Personality *
  • PSY 430 Psychological Theory *
  • PSY 431 Abnormal Psychology
  • PSY 439A Senior Research Project I
  • PSY 439C Senior Research Project II
  • PSY 440 Internship

In addition to regular classroom work, the Internship (PSY 440) course provides an opportunity for students to work in a psychological agency in order to acquire practical experience in the field of psychology and a better understanding of human relations.


Students are also required to complete 120 hours of service-learning within designated courses (indicated with an asterisk) as a graduation requirement. This differs from the 120-hour internship requirement which must be completed as well. 

A minor in psychology requires at least five (5) psychology courses. The following courses are required: 

  • PSY 230 Introduction to Psychology
  • PSY 431 Abnormal Psychology

(9 credit hours) in 300-400 Level psychology course electives (e.g., PSY 337 Psychology of the African American Experience, PSY 432 Cognitive Psychology, etc.). 

  • PSY 330 Human Growth and Development 
  • PSY 337 Psychology of the African American Experience * 
  • PSY 338 Applied Psychology
  • PSY 339 Human Sexual Behavior 
  • PSY 432 Cognitive Psychology 
  • PSY 433 Psychology of Health and Medicine 
  • PSY 434 Introduction to Clinical Psychology 
  • PSY 435 Advanced Experimental Psychology
  • PSY 436 Psychological Measurements
  • PSY 437 Psychology of Alcohol and Drug Use 
  • SM 232 Sport Psychology 
  • EDU 332 Educational Psychology 
  • CYBR 430 Cyber Psychology

The mission of the Aspiring Black Psychologists Organization is to educate, empower and inspire students with an interest in understanding the impact of their prolific history on today’s behavior and its control of our thoughts. Special emphasis is placed on understanding and improving the Black experience. We promote growth through networking, community service and engagement in the overall Benedict College community. Our organization strives to develop student involvement and civic engagement through discussion, implementation, and practice of psychological ideologies as they relate to the Black community. This organization is the voice of students in and affiliated with Benedict College’s Psychology Program; it offers student support, workshops, graduate preparation and social activities for majors. Through active participation in the Aspiring Black Psychologists Organization and the larger community, it is our hope that each student will become more capable and aware of their impact for shaping social change. As an organization, we propose to do the following: 

  1. To explore the overall well-being with a focus on mental health to inspire and enlighten the collegiate minds of Benedict College’s students.
  2. To ensure a safe environment for those willing to share their perspectives and ideas while promoting representation of all included.
  3. To collectively define and acknowledge what it means to be an aspiring Black Psychologist within an Afrocentric worldview. 

2023-2024 President

Kamani Jones 
Classification: Senior 
Major: Psychology  
Minor: Child and Family Development

2023-2024 Vice-President

Kennedy Vincent 
Classification: Senior 
Major: Psychology 
Minor: Child and Family Development

Faculty Advisor 

Desirée C. Bygrave, PhD 
Assistant Professor of Psychology  
School of Education, Health, and Human Services 
Psychology and Educational Studies Department  
Bacoats Hall, Office 214  
Phone: 803-705-4712

Staff Advisor  

Tanya E. Bolton, MA, LPC 
Director of Counseling and Self-Development 
Student Health Center 
Benedict College 
2315 Laurel Street 
Columbia, SC 29204 
Office: (803) 705-4741 
Fax: (803) 995-8339  

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Jerlinda Anderson, PsyD
Assistant Professor of Psychology
School of Education, Health, and Human Services
Psychology and Educational Studies Department
Bacoats Hall, Office 216
Phone: 803-705-4850

Desiree C. Bygrave, PhD
Assistant Professor of Psychology
School of Education, Health, and Human Services
Psychology and Educational Studies Department
Bacoats Hall, Office 214
Phone: 803-705-4712

Shaneen Corujo, PhD, LPC
Director of the Honors Program
Associate Professor of Psychology
School of Education, Health, and Human Services
Psychology and Educational Studies Department
Phone: (803) 705-4662

Angela B. Kelly, M.S.
Psychology Instructor
School of Education, Health, and Human Services
Psychology and Educational Studies Department
Phone: (803) 705-3276

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