Library Vision and Mission

Vision Statement
The Benjamin F. Payton Learning Resources Center will excel in providing a trans formative learning experience for students, faculty, staff, and external constituencies, through high quality academic resources delivered through multiple platforms, customer-orientated and innovative library services that extend to external constituencies, and as preserver of the archival record of the College. 
Mission Statement
The Benjamin F. Payton Learning Resources Center fosters an atmosphere that encourages academic excellence, diversity, and continued growth by creating a welcoming customer-oriented environment with quality academic resources, innovative technology, and library services that stimulate creativity and intellectual curiosity, to facilitate research and lifelong learning.
The Library supports teaching and instruction and fosters the utilization of its resources and services in study and research which enables Benedict College to fulfill its obligations to students, faculty, and staff relative to its mission and purpose.
To fulfill its mission, the Library aspires to the following goals:
  • To acquire, organize, maintain, and preserve resources, in various formats, which complement and augment the curriculum, research, and information needs of students, faculty, and staff at the College.
  • To provide a research environment in which students and faculty have access to innovative technology as well as the opportunities to explore emerging technologies in conducting research.
  • To provide customer-oriented as well as transformative library services that facilitates research, stimulates curiosity, and creates life-long learners.
  • To recruit, hire, and maintain a qualified, knowledgeable, experienced, and diverse workforce to fulfill the functions and operations of the library and furthermore, to provide opportunities for retraining, continuing education, and professional development.
  • To broaden the availability of library resources and formats to students and faculty by establishing and maintaining cooperative library agreements and working relationships with academic libraries as well as other specialized organizations that can help foster research activities at the College.
  • To continuously improve library facilities to provide an aesthetically pleasing, comfortable, and appropriate environment to meet students and faculty informational needs, study patterns, and research endeavors.
  • To seek involvement, input, support, and adequate funding from the College administration, organizations with grant opportunities, alumni, and the community for library resources and services.


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