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The MBA Program at Benedict College is designed to meet the needs of persons who are interested in furthering their existing career path or who would like to take their career path in a different direction. Candidates for the degree will be expected to complete a minimum of 36 semester credit hours. Twenty-four (24) of the 36 hours will constitute an MBA Core. The MBA Core is required of all candidates, along with a minimum of 12 hours in the General Business concentration. 

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) program is offered on a cohort basis only and begins in May of each academic year and ends in May of the following year. This one-year program only accepts students on a rolling basis to ensure academic requirements are adhered to, and consistent progression is made. Full admission to the program takes place once annually. Students seeking part-time admission for fall or spring must submit an application for consideration prior to the appropriate deadline and, if accepted, may enroll part-time. Early admission deadlines are of the maximum value for these circumstances. A maximum of nine (9) semester credit hours may be earned toward the MBA prior to full admission. 

The MBA program affords one (1) concentration to students:  

The General Business concentration is designed to prepare candidates to function in a dynamic business environment.  Graduates are expected to be able to think critically, communicate effectively, and have the tools to solve complex problems.  Additionally, they are expected to possess technical skills, analytical skills, business savvy, and have a broad understanding of the core business functions.  Candidates in General Business will be exposed to courses in accounting, economics, management, finances, and marketing.

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Early Admissions

Application Deadline
October 31, 2023
Decision Notification
November 30, 2023

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Application Deadline
January 06, 2024
Decision Notification
February 02, 2024


Application Deadline
May 01, 2024
Decision Notification
May 15, 2024


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