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Samuel P. Pearson
Director of Dining Services Perkins Food Service Management

Benedict College dining services are specifically designed for you–whether you are on the go, an early riser or casual diner, we can accommodate any student’s schedule. By constantly working to keep up with the ever-changing trends in campus dining, we are able to offer a terrific mix of traditional or innovative menu options.



Dining Hall: Millennium Cafe

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Continental Breakfast* 7AM * 7AM * 7AM *
Breakfast 7AM - 10AM 7AM - 10AM 7AM - 10AM 7AM - 10AM 7AM - 10AM
Lunch 11AM-2PM 11AM-2PM 11AM-2PM 11AM-2PM 11AM-2PM
Dinner 5PM-8PM 5PM-8PM 5PM-8PM 5PM-8PM 5PM-8PM
Brunch 11AM-1PM 11AM-1PM
Dinner 4PM-6PM 4PM-6PM

*Continental Breakfast will be delivered to all residence halls at 7am


Laurene's - Open to Faculty, Staff & Students

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Lunch 11:30AM-2PM * 11:30AM-2PM * 11:30AM-2PM * 11:30AM-2PM * 11:30AM-2PM *

* This location pre Covid has only served Lunch

Food Court - Relocated to Swinton Ballrooms

Freshens & Jump Asian

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Food Court 12PM-10PM 12PM-10PM 12PM-10PM 12PM-10PM 5PM-10PM 1PM - 10PM 1PM - 10PM

Fuddrucker's & Nick's Chicken and Waffles

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Food Court 2PM-10PM 2PM-10PM 2PM-10PM 2PM-10PM 2PM-10PM 1PM - 10PM 1PM - 10PM


19 meals – B/L/D every weekday and brunch and dinner on weekends

Your class schedule has a breakfast, lunch and dinner group time.  You must show your schedule to gain access to the cafeteria.

Limited seating is available – up to 60 guests may be seated at one time.  If capacity is reached, the dining hall will be carryout only.

Students must have their ID to utilize their meal plan.

Nick’s Chicken & Waffles and Island Oasis

cash, credit/debit and meal plan are accepted at all dining locations.

Contact Sam Pearson via email at sam.pearson@benedict.edu.

Tigers, we would like your feedback! Please complete a survey to let us know how we are doing.

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