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The Office of Research manages the technology transfer, corporate engagement, and licensing process at Benedict College. The Technology Transfer Office identifies opportunities for faculty, staff, students, and entrepreneurs to develop research with potential commercial interests and help to develop strategies for how to exploit these interests. Successful strategies include patenting, copyrighting and trademarking; seeking licensing opportunities; and promoting startups.

The Office also manages the university’s intellectual property portfolio and establishes collaborations between industry and researchers.


Benedict College Office of Research is a member of the NIGMS Southeast Xlerator Network Consortia lead by the University of Kentucky.

The Southeast XLerator Network proposes to create a networked and easily accessible regional technology transfer accelerator hub (“XLerator Hub” or “Hub”) to share best practices, disseminate education content, and offer products, services, facilities and other resources connected through both physical and online platforms for innovators and trainees in the Southeast IDeA states. Led by XLerateHealth LLC, an SBA award-winning healthcare-focused technology accelerator, the Hub will 1) bridge the divide between great ideas and the marketplace by leveraging and connecting existing resources and unique expertise assets across all participating entities in the Southeast IDeA state region, 2) fill the gaps that constitute barriers to efficient commercialization among partner institutions, and 3) deliver the necessary resources, education, and business networks to foster and sustain a culture of entrepreneurship across the region.

This project will address significant disparities and lack of access to resources, talent and capital in respective local commercialization ecosystems for biomedical technologies that are pervasive across the Southeast IDeA state region, making the rates of technology transfer and commercialization of academic research discoveries in this region suboptimal.

The Hub objectives/ core functions are:

  1. To improve knowledge and understanding by innovators about how technologies are brought to market.
  2. To improve knowledge and understanding by accelerators and technology transfer offices about the unique commercialization pathways of various biomedical technologies
  3. To facilitate access to technology/product development and commercialization resources required for early-stage technology advancement and later-stage product development
  4. To help close the gap(s) in funding (a) between basic research discoveries and scientific proof of feasibility, and (b) between exhaustion of grant funding and private capital required to generate products and revenues.

To commercialize new innovation in pharmaceuticals, medical devices, healthcare IT and electronics, and other biomedical technologies through entrepreneurship, licensing and partnerships with established companies, and additionally commercialize the Hub’s platform, programs, and materials through access by other regions. The impact of the Hub will be increased market-ready technologies and patents, more successful startups, and increased biomedical technology acceleration.

Inventor, Researcher, Student, & Entrepreneur Resources

The BC WBC is the first SBA funded Women’s Business Center to be operated by an HBCU in SC and is helping women-owned small businesses start, grow, expand and recover their businesses.

The BC BDC mission is to act as a catalyst for economic development by increasing the capacity of entrepreneurs, and small and minority owned businesses in Columbia and throughout South Carolina.

Chartered by the state of South Carolina in 1983, South Carolina Research Authority (SCRA) is a public, non-profit corporation that fuels South Carolina’s innovation economy.

SCBDC is advancing South Carolina’s economic development by helping entrepreneurs grow successful businesses.

A statewide, not-for-profit, public/private life sciences industry association and economic development organization formed to actively promote, build, support, expand, and convene South Carolina’s life sciences industry.

The S.C. Division of Small and Minority Business Contracting and Certification is to promote the interest of small and minority-owned businesses as a part of the free enterprise system; thereby, enhancing economic growth and development in South Carolina.

The South Carolina Manufacturing Extension Partnership is a private, non-profit group that serves as a proven resource to South Carolina businesses, providing them with a range of innovative strategies and solutions.

Online Courses & Programs

Virtual Reality Academy –

Online Programs Offered By The Xlerator Network



EnRICH is a 10-week healthcare-focused innovation harvesting and commercialization “pre-accelerator” program for faculty and students at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). The goals of the program are one part education centered around technology transfer, entrepreneurial/lean startup mindset and growing a sustainable business, and one part idea acceleration where participants will compete to develop and pitch their healthcare innovation for IP protection, prize money and advancement toward additional commercialization programs.

Starts: 9/18/20


The Fast Forward Medical Innovation (FFMI) fastPACE course is a 5-week deep-dive into the basics of biomedical innovation and entrepreneurship. The course is designed to build a business case for early stage technologies using interactive tools and the art of customer discovery.

Starts 9/25/20



LaunchIt is a 10-week program developed to help entrepreneurs and researchers obtain an understanding of the process for evaluating the commercial potential of their idea, product, or service, and to decide whether it makes good business sense to pursue commercialization. Participants work closely with experienced coaches.





Starts: 8/27/20


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