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Columbia, SC 29204
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The McBean-Muhammad Administration
The McBean-Muhammad Administration is comprised of a cohort of student leaders that exemplify leadership characteristics to include: Determination,Youthfulness, Nobility, Ambition, Multi-Talented, Creative, and Intelligence.

By being a DYNAMIC force, we will be the voice of the student body by advocating and ensuring that any and all student-related matters are heard, addressed, and resolved in the most efficient and professional manner. We also want to aid in fostering and encouraging positive relationships among the College’s administration, faculty, staff, students, and community constituents. By each of us joining together to and operating as one unit we can become “The BEST of BC”!

Student Government Association 2022-2023


The Gray-Lewis Administration 2021-2022

2021-2022 Royal Court

Ms. Mya Cyibar Schofield
Miss Benedict College

Mr. Heyveon J. Clemons
Mister Benedict College

Ms. Madison G. Payne and Mr. Abdul Khaliq Muhammad
Miss Freshman and Mister Freshman

Ms. Dedrionna M. Wilson and Mr. Daelon M. Adaway
Miss Sophomore and Mister Sophomore

Ms. Myah T. Adderley and Mr. Ibenese Jean-Gilles
Miss Junior and Mister Junior

Ms. Arenésa T. Seals and Mr. Timothy Allen
Miss Senior and Mister Senior

Ms. Nina Rutherford and Ms. Kenya Burns
Royal Assistants


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