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Office of Special Student Services

The Student Success Center

Benjamin F. Payton Learning Resources Center (LRC)
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The goal of the Office of Accessibility Services is to help implement academic support services required to carry out the mission of Benedict College.

The Special Student Services program aims:

  • To provide academic and other support services that are designed to retain and graduate disabled and special needs students each semester.
  • To communicate with interested students to secure the documentation needed to provide requested accommodations upon enrolling in Benedict College.
  • To seek out various financial aid opportunities that will assist eligible students with covering the cost of tuition and fees.

Program Services

The Office of Accessibility Services assists students with developing their abilities to make wise decisions and encourages students to take advantage of opportunities that are available to enrich and enhance their lives.

The staff of the Office of Accessibility Services provides educational assistance for disabled and special needs students, and arranges the following services for eligible students as requested:

  • Make available use of telephone and fax machine for official business.
  • Administer tests for faculty, as requested.
  • Make student referrals to agencies providing scholarships or other financial assistance.
  • Work closely with faculty to have students’ needs accommodated.
  • Provide Peer Tutoring.
  • Provide tape recorders, tapes, and talking calculators.
  • Make referrals to students for internships and summer employment.
  • Make referrals to students for Vocational Rehabilitation Services.
  • Serve as a Work-study site.

Note: Academic Accommodation Letters (AAL) are granted for students on a semester-by-semester basis.  For questions and to check status please contact:

Malqueen Richardson, PhD
Director of Educational Support Services
Phone number: 803-705-4645
Location: LRC Suite 123A


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