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Communications & Arts Degrees

The bachelor’s degrees offered through our Communication and Arts Department will empower students to develop more meaningful and effective voices that make a lasting impact on society. Students will learn to research, analyze, and articulate data, concepts, and messages in a variety of formats and platforms.

Learn to express yourself and push yourself creatively. Take advantage of clubs and friendly community on our South Carolina campus, and prepare for an exciting career. 

Our Bachelor's Degrees

Mass Communication Degree

Through instruction, practice, project-based work, service learning, and participation in student media and internships, our bachelor’s degree in mass communication prepares students to be competitive professionals and leaders in analytics-driven, audience-focused convergent media.

Common courses: 

  • Introduction & History of Mass Media 
  • Writing for Mass Media  
  • Fundamentals of Digital Literacy
  • Introduction to Public Relations
  • Public Relations Specialist
  • Editor 
  • Marketing Professional 
  • Meeting/Event Planner
  • Development Officers 
  • Media Planner 
  • Social Media Manager
  • Human Relations Professional 
  • Journalist
  • Brand Manager
  • Sales Representative 
  • Community Relations Professional 

English Degree

By means of writing, independent research, and civic engagement, our bachelor’s degree in English engages students in the construction and interpretation of words, discourse, and dialogue, preparing them for diverse professional careers and/or graduate school.

Common courses:

  • Critical Thinking in Literature
  • Modern English Grammar
  • English Literature
  • Linguistics

Career prospects as an English major are exciting, broad, and diverse. The educational backgrounds of many professionals began with a degree in English:  

  • Educators
  • Lawyers
  • Ministers
  • Social workers
  • Corporate professionals

English majors also achieve success in advanced graduate and professional schools, because English majors can do exactly what employers need and value: communicate effectively in writing, read analytically, think critically and independently, synthesize holistically, and use research properly. 

Communications & English Minors

  • English
  • Mass Communication

Why study a foreign language? 
Businesses, government agencies, schools and health fields are all seeking culturally-minded individuals who can speak other languages. As a bilingual speaker, you’ll be an attractive candidate in the U.S. and in other countries. 

Studio Art Degree

Study the concepts and principles, historical perspectives, techniques and processes of the creation process. With a bachelor’s degree in studio art, you’ll be prepared for a career in the fine arts and visual communication.

Interested in scholarship opportunities? Learn how to submit your portfolio: Freshmen Application | Upperclassmen Application

Minors embedded in the program of study

  • Applied Computing with a Mass Communication Track
  • Education 
  • Marketing 
  • Psychology 

There are also options for an Open Minor and Interdisciplinary Minor.

The Studio Art Program aims to provide students with broad educational experiences that will prepare them for careers in fine arts and visual communication. The related minors are also designed to strengthen career placement outcomes. 

Common Career Paths:
  • Freelance Artist
  • Graphic Designer
  • Art Director
  • Art Educator
  • Video Editor
  • Art Curator
  • Art Therapist

Students in the Studio Art Program will acquire knowledge and skills necessary for entrance into graduate school. 

Music Degree
Music Industry Degree

Our bachelor’s degrees in music provides students with a broad base of educational experiences and skills necessary to enter professional career fields and/or graduate study in music. 

Students choose their music option based upon the following instruments: brass, percussion, piano, voice, and woodwinds.

Minors embedded in the program of study

  • Education
  • Applied Computing with a Management Information Track
  • Marketing
  • Management

Students can select from four minors that are embedded in the Music Programs that strengthen institutional career placement outcomes. 

Common Career Paths:
  • Performing Musician
  • Composer/Songwriter
  • Music Director
  • Audio Engineer
  • Producer
  • Musical Therapist
  • Music Educator 

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Student Story

Getting your bachelor’s degree in communications

One student reflects on his decision to get a bachelor’s degree in communications. He loved that any event on campus has to go through the communications degree department, which keeps you involved in everything. His advice: “don’t be afraid to change your major, get involved, or ask questions.”

Student Story

Giving back through music

One student wants to own his own music company and aspires to give back to youth through music. He’s a drummer in the gospel choir, a student ambassador, an orientation leader, and more. He loves that Benedict College feels like a family.

Freshman Studio Art Scholarships

If you wish to apply for a Freshman Studio Art Scholarship, we’ll need to see some of your work. Scholarships are based on a review of an applicant’s portfolio of original artwork. Art faculty are looking for evidence of basic skills, a strong work ethic, and a commitment to art. 

Portfolios should include 8-12 works of the student’s choice and may be in a variety of media or all in one or two media.

Works do not need to be polished, nor is it necessary to mat or frame works. Inclusion of a sketchpad is optional. Once we have received all portions of your admissions application and portfolio we will contact you with feedback.

There are three ways to show us your portfolio:

  1. Submit by Mail: You may send us a copy of your portfolio in the mail and we will contact you with feedback.
    Benedict College Studio Art Program
    ATTN: Gina Moore, Communication & Arts Dept. Chair
    1600 Harden St.
    Columbia, SC 29204
  2. Submit Online: You may submit a portfolio by e-mail or provide a website that displays an appropriate selection of your works.
  3. Meet with Faculty: We believe this is the best option for your work to be reviewed. We encourage you to bring your portfolio to campus and meet with faculty for a review of your work.

    You may do so by attending any of the Admissions Open Houses throughout the academic year or by contacting the Department Chair to set up an appointment.

Arts & Communications Degrees at an HBCU​

Interested in getting your Communications, English, Art, or Music degree at a southern HBCU? Take advantage of opportunities to explore the history and creative expression of minority cultures. 

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