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About Benedict Esports Administration

 The Benedict Esports Administration major seeks to prepare students to work in the Esports professional, collegiate, public schools, and recreational arenas. Special focus is given to this electronic form of sports through various virtual sporting competitions using video games. Students who pursue a career in Esports will be able to work in several professions to include Esports Administration, Event Management, Marketing, Media, Broadcasting, Sales, Information and Technology, Coaching, Analytics, Education, and Entertainment.

Benedict Esports Administration History

Benedict College has been a transformational place of learning since its doors were opened in 1870. From then to today, Benedict College has been a leader in many different façades, including blazing the trail for new and innovative majors and minors that will prepare students to be successful post-graduation. One of Benedict College’s most recent majors and minors that have been developed to do just that is Esports Administration. With Esports growing popularity around the world, and its already existing popularity among teenage and young adult minorities, Benedict College, while most of the world was focusing on what they had during the height of COVID-19, took the bold step to introduce Esports Administration to attract students who wanted to turn their hobby into a career. This historic rollout earned Benedict College the distinct honor of being the first HBCU with a major and minor in Esports Administration. Under the leadership of President Dr. Roslyn Clark Artis, Vice President for Academic Affairs Janeen Witty, and the faculty and supporters of the School of Education, Health and Human Services, this program has tripled in the number of students who have declared from year one to year three and are attracting students from all over the country who want to study Esports while having an HBCU experience. Along with being the first HBCU with an Esports major and minor, we offer certifications, which will be in partnership with Blaze Fire Games, an Esports Club Team, and we also opened up a state-of-the-art Esports Lab, the first at an HBCU, that rivals most in the country. Our major and minor includes courses in Esports Event Management, Marketing, Media, Broadcasting, Coaching, Analytics, and Game Design.

BC Esports Administration Prepares You for a Bustling Industry

The Esports industry has experienced remarkable growth in recent years and has emerged as a promising career path for students. Several factors contribute to this growth, making it an attractive field to consider include: 

  • Global Popularity: There are over 540 million Esports viewers globally as of 2023, and it is predicted that this number will reach 640.8 million in 2025.
  • Investment and Sponsorship: The Esports industry has attracted significant investments from both traditional sports organizations and tech giants.
  • Media Coverage: Esports events are now being broadcast on mainstream media platforms like Twitch. This increased visibility not only attracts more fans but also offers career opportunities in Esports journalism, casting, and commentary.
  • Monetization: Esports professionals can earn substantial incomes through tournament winnings, sponsorships, merchandise sales, and streaming revenue. This financial stability is a key attraction for students considering a career in Esports.
  • Diversity and Inclusion: The Esports industry is becoming more inclusive, with efforts to increase diversity and representation. This opens doors for individuals from diverse backgrounds to pursue careers in Esports.

Program Snapshot

Modality: In-Person

Degree: Bachelor of Science Degree

Program Highlights:

  • 2023 Drone Guardians GameX Tournament Runner-Up
  • 2022 & 2023 Esports and Cybersecurity Youth Summer Camp 
  • 2023 COSMA Conference: Experiential Esports Education: Connecting Communities, Content and Competition Faculty Featured Speakers 
  • 2023 COSMA Conference: Creating an Esports Program at an HBCU Faculty Featured Speakers 
  • 2023 Mountain Dew Real Change Challenge Tournament Participants
  • 2023 Darlington NASCAR Rocket League Challenge Tournament Participants
  • 2021 & 2022 Benedict College vs Allen University Rivalry Clash Tournament Champions 

Related Programs of Study: Interested in earning a degree that aligns with Esports Administration? Here are some other degree programs offered by Benedict College related to this bachelor’s program:

  • Sport Management
  • Cybersecurity
  • Mass Communication

What students are saying about the program…

  • I take pride in representing BC while engaging with different gaming communities.
  • Faculty keeps us up to date with the latest gaming industry trends.
  • I am learning different careers I can assume to help grow Esports.
  • I take great pride in growing minority representation in the Esports industry.
  • I am involved in real-world situations that will prepare me for success in my chosen career field.

Course Highlights

Global Competitive Gaming Culture & Performance:

This course is an overview of the contemporary gaming culture and scene. Information includes a timeline from the first Esports tournament to the professionalized present. The different professional genres are exposed to the students, as gamers’ personality traits and lifestyle will be assessed and revealed. Contend information will identify elite players’ skill levels, players’ status, and income levels. This course gives advice and examples of life lessons to solve gender, ethnic, club, athletic team, and league issues and challenges.

Esports Sponsorship and Funding:

This course aims to provide the students with the principles of economics, budgeting, and finance as it applies to the sport industry. Special emphasis will be placed on calculating profits and losses for sport organizations; tracking and graphing financial trends of revenues and expenses; analyzing revenues after factoring in inflation costs to determine adjusted profits or losses; and determining, evaluating, and reporting causes for trends and anomalies. The course materials will include ways to: analyze the financial value of sport franchises, evaluate revenue categories to determine viability, and analyze and discuss the impact of collective bargaining agreements on the economic matter of franchises.


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