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Social Work Graduates Won on and off the Softball Field

This student spotlight features two outstanding ladies, Tandreanna Conyers and Amari Lawson. These recent BSW graduates were student-athletes who played softball while earning their degree from Benedict College. We recently met with Amari and Tandreanna to discuss their perspective on the ups and downs of being student-athlete social work majors.

Tandreanna (Tandy) Conyers is from Lithonia, Georgia, and played shortstop during her time as a BC Tiger. One of her most proud accomplishments during her career was the growth she experienced as a team leader. Specifically, Tandreanna said that she was comfortable relating to all of her teammates – from freshmen to upperclassmen. She also spent a portion of our time together discussing how appreciative she is of the life-values reinforced through the sport of softball. From character development to building physical and emotional strength during tough times, softball will always be with her long after her days on the field are over. We asked Ms. Conyers, “where do you see yourself in five years? Her reply, “I have such huge expectations for myself, that I can see myself working in a variety of different areas in the Social Work field, but right now I don’t know specifically where that will be.” ” I also plan to write a book, being happy and most definitely being successful.”

Amari Lawson is from Atlanta, Georgia, and played as an outfielder during her time as a BC Tiger. During her college softball career she was honored to be the team caption her senior year! She also received recognition by being selected as the SIAC softball player of the week this past season. By working hard, both on and off the field, she accomplished a career goal of hitting her first collegiate “over the fence” home run this past season as well. When asked to describe something she is most proud of about her career, she mentioned earning her scholarship all of her four years here at BC. We asked Ms. Lawson, “where do you see yourself in five years? Her reply, “In five years I see myself having my own mentoring program for youth in at risk communities. I also see myself as an entrepreneur who owns more then one business. I also want to have changed lives and be the change I want to see around the world, and until I reach my goals its all gas and no BRAKES!

Congratulations on all of your success both on and off of the softball field Amari and Tandreanna! We are proud of you and look forward to hearing more about how you two will change the world for good. Oh yeah, we will also definitely purchase a copy of Ms. Conyers’ book once it is finished. Your good work will impact the future of the BSW program for years to come as you two are great role models for current and future students. Thank you for all you have done, and will continue to do in the future for Benedict College. #BCSocialWork, #TheBestofBC, #ScholarsMakingDollars #2019Grads

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