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Alumni Spotlight: Dr. Jessica Houston (c/o 2001)

Today’s Alumni Spotlight is Dr. Jessica Houston. Dr. Houston graduated from Benedict with her BSW degree in 2001. She is a woman who wears many hats as she currently works as: a Professional Social Worker; Professor for Kaplan University; Owner of her personal and business development training company, and host of “The Real Women” talk show. In addition to that, Dr. Houston is a published author. Her book,”Women’s Secret: It’s Time to Stop Suffering in Silence” is available now. Wow!

We recently visited with Dr. Houston to ask her about keys to success in the classroom and life. When asked what her key to success was as a student, Dr. Houston said that she “was determined to not live in poverty as an adult.” She mentioned that she grew up in not the best financial situation and wanted to make sure that her life would be different. She also said that she encourages all students to “not waste their time” while in college. During our conversation she recounted how a faculty member while she was an undergraduate student (Dr. Cooper-Lewter) “spoke life” into her future that she didn’t even believe at the time. She shared how, while she was a Senior, Dr. Cooper-Lewter “pulled me aside and said that he saw me earning a PhD and traveling the world speaking.” Sixteen years later, his words appear to be prophetic as Dr. Houston went on to earn her MSW degree from Barry University (2002) and her PhD from Capella University (Minneapolis, MN – 2012).

One final lesson that Dr. Houston would like all current and future students to abide by is to “take your education seriously.” She mentioned that “a lot of times students are so wrapped up in friends, going out, to the mall, etc.” that they may let their educational experience waiver. She warned that a lot of people I started out with either didn’t finish or took 6 or 7 years to complete their degree. We salute you Dr Houston. Congratulations on your success, and we thank you for being a great role model for future social work students.#ProudandPowerful

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