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CSWE Program Outcome Data

The Benedict College Social Work Department annually assesses and reports student learning outcomes for its BSW Program.

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The following information is derived from Form AS4 (B). It provides information to support our self-study’s narrative that addresses the following accreditation standards below.

This form is used to assist the COA in the evaluation of the program’s compliance with the accreditation standards below:

  • 4.0.2    The program provides summary data and outcomes for the assessment of each of its competencies, identifying the percentage of students achieving the benchmark.

  • 4.0.4   The program uses Form AS 4 (B) and/or AS4 (M) to report assessment outcomes to its constituents and the public on its website and routinely up-dates (minimally every 2 years) these postings.

      • All Council on Social Work Education programs measures and report student learning outcomes. 

      • Students are assessed on their mastery of the competencies that comprise the accreditation standards of the Council on Social Work Education.

      • These competencies are dimensions of social work practice that all social workers are expected to master during their professional training.

      • A measurement benchmark is set by the social work programs for each competency. An assessment score at or above that benchmark is considered by the program to represent mastery of that particular competency.


  • For program option #1; students’ field performances were scored by department faculty in conjunction with the field supervisor

  • For program option #2; students’ final field portfolio is a graded, major assignment in SW 490S (Field Practicum Seminar). The course is taught by the Director of Field. The portfolio includes assessment of learning; understanding of theoretical perspectives; weekly learning logs, etc.

  • For program option #3; students’ final field portfolio is reviewed and scored by randomly assigned departmental faculty members for interrater reliability.

Students’ Performance in the Field was assessed by field supervisors of senior social work interns. Supervisors rated Student Learning Outcomes based on the scale below.  The program considers a rating of 3 or higher to be evidence of mastery of a competency/student learning outcome.

1= Consistently Below Expectation, Demonstrates a lack of knowledge, less than minimal mastery of skill and/or unsatisfactory performance

2 = Partially Meets Expectation, Demonstrates partial comprehension of the expected level of knowledge, mastery of skill, and less than satisfactory performance

3 =Meets Expectations, Demonstrates the expected level of knowledge, mastery of skills and satisfactory performance

4 = Exceeds Expectations, Demonstrates analytical thinking and integration of knowledge, mastery of skills that often exceeds the expected level of performance

5 = Consistently Exceeds Expectations, Demonstrates exceptional comprehension of knowledge, outstanding mastery of skills that consistently exceeds the expected level of performance


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