Computer Science, Physics and Engineering Department

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Dr. Fouzi Arammash
Department Chair
Office Phone: (803) 705-4311

Ms. Tagliaferri Griffin
Administrative Assistant
Office Phone: (803) 705-4800

Computer Science, Physics and Engineering Department

The mission of the Computer Science, Physics and Engineering Department is to provide courses, training and innovative learning opportunities leading to baccalaureate degrees in computer science, computer, electrical, engineering and environmental engineering, and physics. The curriculum offers a comprehensive educational experience for students in these areas in preparation for graduate studies and professional employment. In keeping with the philosophy and mission of Benedict College, the department provides mathematics courses for all majors as part of the general education studies.

Students with a major in the department must complete the required courses in their field. All incoming majors who have taken College Algebra and Pre-Calculus in high school will be given MATH 138 and MATH 140 exemption tests to determine if they may enroll in Calculus I, MATH 143, or if they need to take College Algebra, MATH 138, and Pre-Calculus, MATH 140 as prerequisites. Students who did not take College Algebra and Pre-Calculus in high school are required to take College Algebra, MATH 138, and Pre-Calculus, MATH 140 before taking Calculus I, MATH 143. Students are advised to follow programs of study as outlined and to consult with their major area advisors before enrolling in courses.

In conjunction with successful completion of courses outlined in their major program of study, students enrolled in the department are required to complete a professional internship which closely correlates with their specific major during their junior or senior year. Students must enroll in the Department’s Senior Research and Professional Experience course, MCS 430 to receive credit for their internship experience and submit and successfully defend a senior research paper relevant to their major area of study prior to graduation. Honors classes are offered to students who show a propensity for excellence and maintain the required GPA. Interested students should contact the Dean of the Honors Program.

Environmental engineering is an exciting field that addresses how to keep our water, air, and land clean enough to sustain human development and healthy ecosystems.   In the future, environmental engineers will tackle the next wave of technological challenges such as building and operating sustainably, designing more energy efficient processes and structures, and generating renewable energy sources such as solar, methane, hydrogen, and biodiesel.

Benedict College is the only HBCU and one of two undergraduate Environmental Engineering programs in South Carolina. The Environmental Engineering program is pursuing ABET accreditation for the 2021-22 cycle.

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