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Student Political Forum on “The War in Ukraine: Beyond the Human Suffering and Destruction”

Featured Photo: Dr. Alexander Gorelik during the forum on the war in Ukraine.

Columbia, SC, April 5, 2022 Dr. Alexander Gorelik, Associate Professor of Mass Communication at Benedict College, spoke on the ongoing war in Ukraine during a student political forum co-sponsored by the Department of Criminal Justice Administration and Social Sciences and the Benedict College Chapter of Pi Sigma Alpha, the National Political Science Honor Society.

During his almost one-hour-long talk, Dr. Gorelik, who is originally from Ukraine and who still has family members and friends in the country, made the argument that the current invasion of Russian forces in Ukraine is the continuation of the centuries-old imperial policy practiced by the Russian Empire and, later, the Soviet Union. The war between Russia and Ukraine is a conflict between an archaic worldview based on fear, subjugation, force, and a future network society relying on trust, communication, and an inclusive vision. Gorelik outlined the main avenues of NATO and other international assistance that make Ukrainian victory possible and likely and the consequences this conflict brings for the international community and institutions.

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The Association of Black Journalist Students presenting a signed flag to Dr. Gorelik.

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