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Popular comic book illustrator helps students print “The Wonders of an HBCU”

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A group of local college students are getting the chance of a lifetime.

They’re working with an illustrator from Marvel to create their own graphic novel.

The illustrator has worked on Black Panther, the latest Spiderman and other comics.

“Primarily it falls under college and the life of college students but there is a lot of things that are fantasy and sci-fi and there’s a bit of horror in there too,” says Elia Allen, Benedict College senior.

Elia Allen is talking about this graphic novel entitled: The Wonders of an HBCU.

She and other students from Benedict College’s art department put ideas into sketches that have turned into a number of short stories.

“Our peers would give out feedback and say, hey I think that’s a cool story, but if you tweak or hey that character is cool,” says Allen.

The project was made possible thanks to a grant by Propel and Apple.

Professor Sanford Greene is helping the students cross the finish line thanks to his comic book expertise.

For one if you’re familiar with Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse than you’ve seen his work.

“Being able to take my experiences and implement that into the curriculum here on campus was something that was never done before. And I think that’s the part that was so enjoyable seeing them be able to implement their stories in sequential arts,” says Professor Sanford Greene, Benedict College.

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