Make A Police Report

Make A Report

The Benedict College Police Department allows for certain types of non-emergency incidents to be reported by phone or through the internet. Check the list below to see if your report can be done by phone or through the internet.

Below is a list of incidents you can report through the internet:

  • Larceny, Under $2000.00 (Can not be from a motor vehicle.)
  • Shoplifting – No Suspect Present.
  • Obscene/Threatening phone calls
  • Vandalism – Under $1000.00 in damages.
  • Burglary – Hotel/Motel room when the victim is calling from out-of-State.
  • Breach of Trust – Under $1000.00

In order to file a report online, you must agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • Filing a false report is a crime. Any report found to be false WILL result in CRIMINAL prosecution.
  • The Benedict College Police reserves the right to disregard any reports that fail to meet these terms, at its discretion, without giving notice of any kind.
  • You must allow at least three business days for your report to be emailed to you.
  • Until you receive your case number, your report has NOT been officially received.

Below is a list of incidents you can report through the phone:

  • Larceny: Monetary Value less than $2,000 (including: Gas drive-offs and theft from an auto where victim is calling from another city/state.
  • Burglary of motel/hotel room where a victim is calling from another city/state.
  • Vandalism: Malicious mischief where property damage is $500 or less.
  • Fraud or Breach of Trust where the loss is less than $1000.00; except where there is evidence to be examined or collected.
  • A follow-up report: Supplement reports in which additional information or property needs to be added to the original report.
  • Obscene/Threatening Telephone calls: Nuisance calls in nature, i.e., hang-ups, heavy breathing, child’s play, etc.
  • Trespassing circumstances where a suspect is not currently on scene.
  • Zoning Complaints.
  • Reports made for Insurance purposes only.
  • Reports civil in nature. Example: Property disputes & Evictions
  • Domestic Reports where the complainant states specifically that the report is being made for documentation only.
  • Truancy reports or complaints where the child is not on scene.
  • Crime tips, narcotics activity, or suspect locations.

If you have determined that your incident can be reported by phone, call:  803-253-5400

Request A Report

Your report must also meet these conditions:
• The crime MUST have taken place IN RICHLAND County.
• No suspect can be present.
• There must be no physical evidence to be collected.
• The crime CANNOT involve violence or physical injury to any party.
• The value of the property in question (if any), or damage (if any), CANNOT exceed $1,000.
• The report CANNOT be about a missing person or a “missing” person that has been located.
• The stolen property (if any) CANNOT be a vehicle nor can the stolen property have been taken FROM a vehicle.


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