Mobile Multimedia Center

Mobile Multimedia Center (MMC)

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The Mobile Multimedia Center (MMC) is open Monday – Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. For assistance, call (803) 705-4499.

Media services is an integral part of the Benjamin F. Payton Learning Resources Center. The center was reestablished in 2014 as the Mobile Multimedia Center (MMC) and relocated to expand services. Located on the court (ground) level of the Learning Resources Center, the media facility is 1,978 square feet and accommodates up to 60 users. The Center augments the College academic courses through a variety of media resources, equipment, and software. Students, faculty, and staff have access to a collection of 2,600 media resources as well as varied formats of media such as streaming videos, videos, DVDs, CDs, and audio recordings. The Mobile Multimedia Center offers a personal approach to academic success through collaborative grouping, independent study, diverse modes of instruction, and provides effective solutions to multimedia and communication challenges.

The Mobile Multimedia Center provides students with the space, resources, and technology for brainstorming, project designs, and presentations. The Center is situated to accommodate individual students, as well as small student groups on a daily basis. However, the movable tables and chairs allows for the transformation of the Center into a large viewing facility for instructional purposes. The Mobile Multimedia Center’s primary space encompasses a service desk, mobile seating as well as tables and chairs, a BrightLink interactive whiteboard with projector, a wide screen TV, photocopier/scanner machine, and color printer.  The “Create It Zone,” a defined space within the Center, affords students the opportunity to create bulletin board displays, educational aides, and other types of media.

The Digital Media Room (DMR), located within the Center, can be reserved by students for video production, podcasting, and to assimilate music. Students have access to a green screen, audio-mixer, cameras, lights, and tripods, as well as music apparatus. The Mobile Multimedia Center fosters a collaborative learning environment for all majors at the College.

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