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The Benjamin F.  Payton Learning Resources Center (LRC) makes available to its students, faculty, and staff research assistance and other types of library instruction. Research assistance is usually less formal than library instruction but, still relevant to the persons seeking information.

For research assistance, Benedict College students, faculty, and staff can 1) walk into the Library and at request receive one-on-one research help; 2) schedule an appointment using the Schedule A Research Appointment icon online; 3) simply telephone the Information Services Desk; or 4) submit their research question using the email-based Ask-A-Librarian icon online via the library’s webpage.

Benedict College faculty are encouraged, particularly at the beginning of each semester, by their  librarian liaison to schedule library instruction for their respective classes. Faculty can request library instruction at any time by completing an online Faculty Library Instruction Request Form, by emailing their librarian liaison, or by simply calling the library’s Information Services Desk to schedule an appointment.

Research Assistance

Research Assistance Description
One-On-One Allows BC students, faculty, and staff to walk into the Library and at request, from the library’s Information Service Desk, receive research help from a librarian. The Benedict College librarians devote individual attention to each student, faculty, and staff research inquiry to locate desired information.
Scheduled Appointment Provides BC students, faculty, and staff with the opportunity to schedule an appointment for research assistance, either in-person at the library’s Information Service Desk or via the library’s webpage by selecting the Schedule A Research Appointment icon.

Having a specific and allocated time to meet with the library user, BC librarians can gather in-depth information on the research topic, or it provides a time to understand the nature of the research and how best to help the library user proceed in information retrieval.
By Telephone Provides BC students, faculty, and staff the opportunity to telephone the Information Services Desk during library hours of operation at (803) 705-4793 or (803) 705-4364 and request research assistance.
Ask-A-Librarian Allows BC students, faculty, staff, or alumni to ask a librarian research questions. An email-based service in which library users’ requests are forwarded through completion of the Ask-A-Librarian form online via the library’s webpage. The librarians respond to Ask-A-Librarian requests during normal hours of library operation. Please see library hours on navigation bar.

Types of Library Instruction

Research Assistance Description
Orientation BC librarian conducts a tour of the Learning Resources Center’s physical facility and provides students with general information about the library’s electronic and printed collections as well as library services and technology support.
Formal Instruction The Benedict College librarians utilize a full class period to do one or more of the following: 1) introduce students to library resources and services; 2) provide assignment-based research instruction to meet specific course objectives; 3) conduct subject-related instruction (history, political science, marketing, etc.); and 4) engage students in formalities of in-depth research for completion of capstone projects or graduate level research.

Library instruction is delivered in the general reference area, on the main (plaza) level of the library; on the lower (ground) level in the Mobile Multimedia Center which seats up to 60 persons; and across the campus, in which the librarians visit various classrooms, at faculty request.
Synchronous Instruction BC librarians deliver library instruction through synchronous learning methods, when necessitated by the College (such as a pandemic). At the faculty request, library instruction is given remotely but in ‘real time’ during the faculty’s regularly scheduled class time and for the length of their class period. The faculty is present along with their students.
Library Research Consultation BC librarians engage students one-on-one or address a small group of students with similar research interest in finding relevant library resources. Group instruction may be by a scheduled appointment or students who are working on a group class assignment.

Levels of Formal Library Instruction

Instruction Research Targeted Audience Course Numbers
Core-Based Formal library instruction that is prioritized to meet the needs of freshmen, new, and transferred students during their first or second semester at the College. Core-Based library instruction in conducted, by the librarians, through the College’s English 131 and 132 classes which are composed primarily of freshmen students. The librarians seek to equip the freshmen or transfer students with a set of core research skills for using the library, its resources, and services to complete class assignments.

Through the English 131 and 132 classes, the Benedict College librarians provide students with an in-depth orientation to the library’s staff, facility, resources, and services. The information instruction sessions are tailored to assist students in developing basic research skills in locating varied types of information to include, but are not limited to, online resources and services via the library’s webpage; instruction in the use of online catalog and electronic databases; coverage of general and subject indexes; PASCAL Delivers Book Services; Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Services; as well as how to evaluate internet resources. Services provided by the Learning Resources Center’s Mobile Multimedia Center and the Archives Center are also introduced to students.

Introductory library instructions are provided for courses ENG 131 – Analysis and Argumentation; and ENG 132– Information, Literacy and Research which are introductory level courses. Faculty who teach courses at a higher course level may request Core-Based library instruction, if desired.
Freshmen | New | Transfer Students

Extended Learning Students
Assignment-Based Formal library instruction for courses which are assignment-based, whose research follows specific course objectives. Assignment-Based instruction is tailored to meet the needs of students who are taking 200 level courses or who have reached the sophomore classification level. Library instruction at the 200-course level and above is designed to develop students’ abilities beyond simply finding information, but towards critically evaluating, interpreting, and properly citing information. Sophomore Students

Extended Learning Students
Research-Based Formal library instruction for students who are taking College courses on the graduate or 5000 level. Library instruction is tailored to each graduate course so that library instruction synchronizes with students’ research needs. The objective is to create “information literacy” skills that will be useful throughout the life of the adult.

To meet the informational and research needs of this category of learners, library instruction access and utilization of the library’s electronic resources and online services are accentuated and Schedule A Research Appointment with a librarian is recommended.
Graduate Students 5000’s

BC librarians engage students one-on-one or address a small group of students with similar research interest in finding relevant library resources. Group instruction may be by a scheduled appointment or students who are working on a group class assignment.

For additional information contact:

Brian R. Crawley
Access, Research, and Instruction Coordinator
Benjamin F. Payton Learning Resources Center
Telephone: (803) 707-4793

The library, an intrinsic part of Benedict College, observes certain holidays. Inquiries as to holidays observed may be made by calling the library in advance at (803) 705-4301; (803) 705-4364 or by checking the posting of hours in the building’s lobby.


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