Information Service Desk


Both reference and circulation services are accessible from the library’s information service desk. The desk is centrally located on the main (plaza) level of the library. Students can get assistance from the librarians with class assignments, research, checking-out books, course reserve materials, and access to student study rooms. The ready-reference collection is maintained at the information service desk. The ready-reference collection gathers select standard reference resources that are frequently utilized by the librarians in answering research inquiries on any topic in any academic field. The library’s Reference Collection, located behind the information service desk, is accessible to the librarians and the Benedict College user community. Students can use the printer within the Computer Research Center (CRC), which is adjacent to the information service desk, to release and pick-up printed documents sent to ‘BC Anywhere’ for printing. A photocopier/scanner machine are also conveniently located near the library’s information service desk.


Students, Faculty and Staff

The Benedict College photo identification card (ID) serves as the official library card for students, faculty and staff at the College. A valid Benedict College photo ID is required to use and access library services and resources from the information service, the Mobile Multimedia Center, and the Archives Center.

This includes, but is not limited to, checking out books and media resources, making facility reservations for the use of student study rooms and the media facility, requesting and picking up PASCAL Delivers as well as interlibrary loan materials.

Students are required to be in possession of their Benedict College photo IDs at times.

The purpose of the library’s reserve reading collection is to provide access to supplemental materials, selected by faculty, which supports varied class assignments. The library accepts requests for materials to be placed on reserve each semester, by faculty for their respective classes. Materials are placed on reserve at the request of faculty to ensure that assigned and recommended readings are readily available to all students. The reserve collection consists of books, photocopies, and other select course readings.

Professors/Instructors are required to have a patron record in the library’s online system before a reserve item can be placed under their name. Due to space limitations, the maximum number of books that a faculty member may place on reserve is eight. 

Usage Policy: 

  • Students may request course reserves from the library’sinformation service desk, main (plaza) floor.
  • Students must use a valid Benedict College photo ID card (only) to get course reserves.
  • Materials are issued on a “first-come, first-served” basis.
  • Materials are usually limited to one-hour use, however that time can be extended if the resource is NOT in high demand.
  • Course reserves are for use in the library only, unless designatedfor overnight check-out by faculty.
  • All reserve materials are returned to the book stacks or respective faculty at the end of each spring semester. 

Copyright Restrictions:

The Copyright Law of the United States (Title 17, United States Code)governs the making of photocopies or other reproductions of copyrighted material.

Under certain conditions specified in the law, libraries and archives are authorized to furnish a photocopy of other reproduction. One of these specified conditions is that the photocopy or reproduction is not to be “used for any purpose other than private study, scholarship, or research.” If a user makes a request for, or later uses, a photocopy or reproduction for purposes in excess of “fair use,” that user may be liable for copyright infringement.

This institution reserves the right to refuse to accept a copying order if, in its judgment, fulfillment of the order would involve violation of the copyright law.

There are two (2) large study rooms with a seating capacity up to ten (10) individuals in each room and three (3) single rooms, with a seating capacity up to two (2) individuals in each room.

Usage Policy:

  • The study rooms are available (only) to currently enrolled Benedict College students.
  • Study rooms are not reserved in advance. Rooms are available on a “first- come, first- served” basis and students must be present in the room while using it.
  • Study rooms can be occupied up to two (2) hours at a time.
  • Study rooms are accessible for use Sunday through Saturday during normal hours of library operation.
  • Students using the room, must present their Benedict College photo ID at the information service desk and complete the sign-in form. If the student signing for the room, leaves before the group section is over, another student in the group must leave a student ID at the information service desk.
  • A minimum of three and a maximum of ten students are allowed in the group study rooms.
  • The occupancy of each room is limited to the number of chairs assigned to it.
  • Study rooms are not soundproof; students need to maintain a study/work environment that does not disturb others in the library.
  • No food or eating in the study rooms.
  • Library staff randomly monitor the study rooms.
  • Students are expected to comply with the library policies; any student engaged in disruptive or inappropriate behavior will be asked to vacate the room.

Library staff are not responsible for personal belongings left in the room, items left in rooms will be placed in lost/found at the library’s information service desk.

The library, an intrinsic part of Benedict College, observes certain holidays. Inquiries as to holidays observed may be made by calling the library in advance at (803) 705-4301; (803) 705-4364 or by checking the posting of hours in the building’s lobby.


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