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For the 5th Consecutive Year, the Benedict Tigers Exceed The $1 Million Annual Alumni Campaign Goal!

Over the past five years, the alumni have raised $7,503,772.00 in support of Benedict College


COLUMBIA, SC – July 2, 2019 Benedict College alumni continued their outstanding record of financial support by raising over $1 million for the fifth consecutive year. The $1,151,344 raised exceeds the $1 million campaign goal. Funds raised will go to the Annual Alumni Giving Campaign

“Benedict College Alumni are consistently fighting above their weight,” said Dr. Roslyn Clark Artis, President and CEO of Benedict College. “While there are certainly larger schools with a larger alumni base, our alumni give more, because they give with their hearts. They are #TheBESTofBC and I am grateful to each alumnus who has given to Benedict College this year and I applaud our Tigers for the remarkable accomplishment that they have achieved over the last five years!”

Annual alumni giving is a good proxy for the value of a college’s network of graduates. Large donation and participation rates suggest the school’s alumni base is engaged with its alma mater. It also signifies that its alumni are supportive of the institution, its current students and its recent graduates.

“I am so grateful to our Alumni Fund Committee, Alumni Club Presidents, and other volunteers whose work this year was priceless,” said Ada Brown Belton, Assistant Vice President of Alumni Relations and Services. “Our alumni gave on a grand scale and it matters profoundly. We are literally helping to not only beat the odds, but we are changing the odds for Benedict students!”

Over the past five years, alumni have raised $7,503,772.00 in support of Benedict College. Underscoring these efforts, the campaign received two major gifts, one anonymous gift of $100,000 and one gift of $50,000 from the president of the Anderson Benedict Club, Mrs. Sallie Boseman. These contributions contributed to the success of this year’s campaign.

“As true, loyal Tigers, we fought; we fought; we conquered! We have proven for the fifth consecutive year, that our strength and unity generate success in reaching our goal,” said Patricia Ackason, President of the Benedict College National Alumni Association. “I sincerely thank each of you for your resources, time and effort put forth in this campaign. You are indeed, #TheBESTofBC!”

Benedict College has over 60 alumni clubs around the nation, but the Columbia Alumni Club #2 has the distinction of being the largest club and was the club that gave the largest amount ($234,000) to this year’s campaign.

“The Benedict College Alumni Club #2 is honored to support Benedict College. As alumni, we believe it is our responsibility to ensure the Benedict College student experience is academically, artistically, athletically, and culturally sustained for generations to come,” said Tommy Mack, President of Columbia Alumni Club #2. “There is no greater way to show support than to pay it forward to secure the future of Benedict College students.”

Benedict College

Benedict College will be a leader in providing transformative learning experiences for a diverse student body, defined by superior cultural, and professional competencies that are nurtured and developed by faculty, staff, and stakeholders who value innovation, customer service, community, and industry engagement.

Founded in 1870, Benedict College is approaching its 150 years of providing high quality academic programs to students who desire to pursue their program of study in a diverse academic environment. Benedict College offers its students transformative academic programs, in an innovative, technology enhanced, student focused, culturally sensitive learning environment. The College is committed to preparing students to enter the global marketplace with exceptional cultural and professional competencies that will enable them to contribute to the sustainability and economic growth of their communities.

Benedict offers 25 high-demand academic programs, including, computer science, engineering, cybersecurity, mass communication, sport management, business administration, criminal justice, biology and education. In addition to its academic programs, Benedict College is home to the standard-setting Career Pathways Initiative (CPI) program that is strategically designed to prepare Benedict College students for success in a rapidly changing, highly competitive and technology driven workplace. CPI’s mission is to transform student scholars into focused, highly skilled critical thinkers, who are experts in their field of study and, more importantly, are intellectually adept and resilient enough to assume jobs that do not yet exist!

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