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Changing Lives

Once a practicing attorney in West Virginia, Benedict College President Dr. Roslyn Clark Artis found her destiny in higher education when a stint as an adjunct professor proved higher education was her true calling.

“The idea that you can change someone’s life in an hour and fifteen minutes twice a week was a heady notion for me and certainly much more rewarding than anything I had experienced in the practice of law,” she recalls.

“While the practice of law was certainly fulfilling, I realized that teaching was, in fact, my passion,” she says. “A single note from a student crystallized my decision to make the shift from law to higher education. I was teaching a course in legal research and writing. At the conclusion of the course, the student handed me a note that read, ‘You changed my life. I never thought I could be a lawyer. After meeting you and taking this class, I know I can.’ I must have read those words a hundred times. It is that simple. Education affords me the opportunity to change lives and touch the future through my students and their families. While the law can compel opportunity, education creates it.”

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