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Benedict Head Football Coach Is Now Playing the Waiting Game

Chennis Berry reacts to the news that the SIAC has suspended fall sports for 2020.

Back in February, Chennis Berry walked into the auditorium at the David Swinton Campus Center accompanied by cheerleaders and a pep band.

Berry met the atmosphere with an energetic news conference where he laid out his vision as the Tigers’ new head football coach.

But five months later, Berry was holding a virtual news conference where he talked about how his program is on hold for now. On Thursday, the SIAC announced that all fall sports in 2020 would be suspended to due to the threat of COVID-19. 

There is a chance football could return in the spring, but if not, it will be 2021 before Berry will make his debut as Benedict’s head coach.

Berry says he has told his players “control what you can control” and by all accounts, the players are staying engaged as they wait to hear what is next for the program.

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