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Alumni returned to Benedict College to Celebrate Homecoming and the Tigers’ Historic winning streak

A weekend full of reunions and smiles unfolded for the alumni at Benedict College as the Homecoming weekend kicked off with a massive parade down Sumter Street and was followed by a historic win.

“The best part about Homecoming is just coming back and reuniting with friends you went to school with years ago, like I said earlier, I graduated in the class of 1987,” said Antionette Langley who attended the parade. 

The street was filled with dozens of cheering friends during the parade which continued over to the tailgate grounds. 

“We’re just excited to see the buzz around the campus, you know, proud alumni we want to continue the tradition, so it’s great to see the community involved,” says Dr. Qunna Morrow. 

Morrow and her friend added that the team never won during their Homecoming games; so, to see them win is huge. 

Homecoming also brought back former football players Dwayne Lewis and Kevin Washington to celebrate the historic season and catch up with former classmates. 

“When you look back to where we started from, the things we went through, the hand-me-downs we had from all the other schools because we just started the program, I’m very happy where they coming from because the stadium we didn’t have this,” Lewis said. 

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