The Benedict College Alma Mater

White and Gold BC 150 Plus Logo 2 Option 5 A

Lyrics by Anna I. Douglas

Where the golden sunshine falls,
Rustling leaves about her,
Breezes whispering round her walls,
Stands our Alma Mater.

Students all, a sturdy band,
Loud our voices ringing,
Of her kindly helping hand,
Of our love, we’re singing.

We’ll remember in the years,
Coming swiftly toward us,
All the smiles, but not the tears,
Alma Mater brought us.

If the path of life be dim,
And the way be dreary,
Alma Mater points to Him,
Who will guide the weary.

Alma Mater, strong and true,
Alma Mater, ever,
Benedict, we sing to you,
Faithful we forever.


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