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Finance & Accounting Degrees

Our bachelor’s degrees in Finance and Accounting prepare business leaders to have careers in the national, state and local sectors of the global economy. To graduate, all students must present a business plan, research paper, or case study for graduation with an oral defense.

Develop Your Skills & Knowledge

  • Analyze a wide range of economic factors that can lead to decision-making processes to better society.
  • Become a leader in the development of programs in the transportation, housing and community sectors.
  • Prepare to become a competitive accountant in a global economy.
  • Harness your entrepreneurial spirit by using accounting tools for solving business problems, analyzing, daily activities and evaluating the financial health of a firm.
  • Trained to pursue careers as accountants and leaders in the business environment.

Which degree should I get?

Wondering what you can do with your degree or which degree you should pursue? Compare common finance and accounting job options as well as course curriculum to see what interests you most. Plus, our business school professors are always here to help you make decisions about your major and your career trajectory. 

Finance Degree

Guide individuals and businesses as they spend money and work to gain profits as a financial analyst.
Median Salary: $83,660

Common Classes:

  • Principles of Finance
  • Personal Finance
  • Investment Management
  • Real Estate: Principles & Practices

Accounting Degree

Build financial documents for individuals and companies as an accountant or a certified public accountant (CPA).
Median Salary: $73,560 per year

Common Classes:

  • Principles of Financial Accounting
  • Principles of Managerial Accounting
  • Accounting Information Systems
  • Internal Auditing
Leandra Hayes BC Student with Faculty in Business Classroom 2

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Student Story

Hear how one student got a full-ride academic scholarship, why she switched majors from Accounting to Finance, and how she plans to become a financial analyst for celebrities. 

Finance & Accounting at an HBCU

Become a prudent risk manager, develop a passion for life-long learning, and explore finance and accounting challenges that face minority communities and businesses. Experience academic challenges and a supportive culture at our HBCU in Columbia, SC.

Tyrone Adam Burroughs School of Business & Entrepreneurship

Our business school offers a range of classes and experiences so you can get the most out of your degree. Take our signature event, Business Week, for example. You’ll have the opportunity to interact with business leaders and pioneering thinkers in South Carolina. Explore real-world challenges, develop a network, and find your career path through our business school. 

More Business Majors

Interested in becoming a professional business manager or savvy market leader? Check out our Business Administration Degree. 

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